Emancipation Proclamation (original)

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I deleted your mix CD from my iPod
You know the one from my birthday when you thought
I would always be on your side
Along for this hard ride

But you complained about everything and everyone
Made jokes about your friends just for fun

You were selfish
You were hopeless
You were unwilling to hear your faults
But we stuck around
Didn't try to bring you down
But you, you were bankrupt
Made mistakes but
You didn't know and you didn't care
You were not deserving
You were not deserving of us.

Drove around with you while you spilled your problems
Knew that there wasn't just one way to solve them
You'd better let me explain
You need to
Stop posting Craigslist ads
Stop trying to blame your dad
And stop needing boys to tell you you're worth
Stop backstabbing Jaymes
Stop saying Greg has changed
And stop calling guys your ex after just one date.
For you it might be too late.